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Suedy's Story

Photo of Susanne Daoud courtesy of Dina Studio Photography

Art by the people, for the people, on the people.

Susanne Daoud (AKA “Suedy”) is the founder of Juicy Body Art and Face Painting in Melbourne, Australia. Suedy started out in face and body art 15 years ago. Her paint brush has swept far and wide at many events, from kids’ parties to corporate events, festivals to photo shoots, masquerade balls to markets and everything in between. Suedy has painted thousands of people at every type of event imaginable.

Far from being an exclusive art form practiced by a precious few, Suedy believes that face and body art is something that everyone can enjoy, regardless of skill or experience level. She aims to share this artform with as many people as possible through her face to face workshops, and online school. Through these services, Suedy offers fun and informative workshops for all levels, from absolute beginners right through to seasoned professionals who want to take their business to the next level.

Suedy also believes in the strong transformative power of body painting. Many private clients have treated themselves to an extreme transformation as a way of healing their negative attitudes towards their own bodies. No matter how much or how little you dare to bare, being body painted is a great way to celebrate the body that carries you through life, and Suedy is delighted to collaborate with her clients to make them feel great about themselves.

Suedy attends national conventions and workshops with internationally acclaimed face and body artists on a regular basis to further her skills and keep her mind fresh with new ideas to apply to her art. She also passes on her knowledge by teaching face-to-face classes and workshops and as an instructor at face and body painting conventions all over Australia.

Suedy is a certified Level 1 Accredited Member of FACE – the International Face Painting Association, and has formal qualifications in event management, studio teaching, and small business management. Her art work has been featured in Illusion Magazine, SkinMarkZ Magazine, Kustom Art Magazine, and countless news publications, and she has made several television appearances on Channel 9’s Kids WB and Channel 31’s About Tonight. Suedy regularly writes for face and body painting blogs and publications such as FACE to FACE Magazine. Suedy is also a regular guest trainer at high profile beauty schools in Melbourne, sharing her body painting skills and knowledge with specialist makeup students.

Suedy competes against other amazing professionals in the face and body art world on a regular basis, and was the Australian Body Painter of the Year 2016, the National Winner of the Australian Body Art Awards State Face Off Championships 2016, First Place Winner of the Brush and Sponge category of the Melbourne Body Art Xpo 2013, First Place winner of the UV Body Painting category at the Australian Body Art Awards 2013, and the First Place winner at Melbourne Studio of Art’s Body Painting Competition 2012. Suedy won first place in the UV category of her first international competition, the New Zealand Body Art Showcase in 2017.

Her current obsessions are Chromadepth 3D UV body painting, and painting dogs onto people. She is also currently absorbed in creating wearable works of art through her design label Disco Biscuit Designs.

Suedy wishes to thank her wonderful clients for supporting her, her artists, and her models over the years. Your loyal support allows Suedy and everyone who works under the Juicy banner to continue doing what we love. Suedy also wishes to thank the other amazing artists, models and photographers in the industry for sharing their skills and knowledge, and for making the face and body art industry in Australia one of the best in the world.
Susanne is a fully accredited member of FACE International

Susanne is a fully accredited member of FACE International

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