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Hi Suedy,
I just wanted to thank you SO SO much for making my birthday so wonderful and making all my incredible friends look amazing and magical!!!!!
I know who to call/recommend whenever I feel like looking extra sparkly!
You are the best! Can’t thank you enough I am so so grateful.
  • E – Adult Airbrush Face Art and Tattoos
  • I walked into the middle of the best dressed contest and won immediately. Against another body painted guest! $450 worth of prizes!
  • J – Extreme Transformation – Express Full Body package
  • Good morning Susanne just wanted to say thank you so much, the costume was a hit and I won first prize for best dressed. Look out for next year as I’ll be back.
  • S – Extreme Transformation – Custom Face package
  • The face painter (Suedy) was also a massive hit with the children. She was lovely and did a brilliant job to get through the hordes of children lining up. Again please pass on our deepest thanks, she was fantastic.
  • A – Childrens corporate face painting package
  • Thank u so very much, the party was fantastic, the girls faces looked gorgeous!! Such a pleasure. Thank you again.
  • O – Childrens face painting package
  • Thanks Susanne! You gals did a fantastic job, [the face painting] was fast and efficient. It was good to have you gals here, everyone loves it. Will look forward in seeing you again for the next coming theme.
  • J – Adults corporate face painting package
  • The night was wonderful!! Gina [our artist] and Guru [our model] were amazing – he was so so lovely… a really great fit for the group and the bride-to-be. We got many comments on the embellishments when we went out! Thank you again so much.
  • B – Laid-Back Bride and Embellished Bride package combo
  • I can’t begin to tell you how *awesome* Friday night was! I pretty much got swarmed on as soon as I set foot in the door, and spent the whole night being admired. I only felt kind of naked at the beginning, very soon I just felt gorgeous. People absolutely *loved* it, and it was an absolute sensation. I posted my pics at about 4am that night, and woke up just a few hours later to find many many loves and compliments on the pics. I do hope you get some business out of it, because it was just amazing. Thank you so very much for everything – your design was just perfect, it looked incredible, and I was the most stunning woman in the room the whole night. I’m so glad I did it, even though it was awfully nerve-wracking leading up to it! Thank you, thank you so much!
  • R – Transformation package
  • Just wanted to say a big whopping huge thank you, you are amazing!!! You are fabulous at what you do and Dina and Oleg [the photographers] are beautiful too.
  • C – Extreme Transformation and Photo Shoot package
  • Thanks for the great workshop Sue-Dee, very enjoyable and instructive – and loved your enthusiasm and expertise.
  • J – Workshop: Face Painting by request
  • Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop! You were very patient with us and time just flew by because you made it enjoyable.
  • C – Workshop: Face Painting by request
  • An amazing experience. Thank you Suedy… the night was inspirational and enlightening. I feel like I could give face painting a Red Hot GO! Loved every informative minute. Left feeling inspired! Thank you again!
  • R – Workshop: Face Painting by request
  • Hi Susanne, had a great night. Won best dressed, everyone was extremely impressed with your work. Had to drop your name several times throughout the night. Thanks again.
  • S – Extreme Makeup – Custom Face package
  • Thanks so much we had a ball and everyone loved the face painting (I think everyone enjoys being a big kid). Thank you it was perfect and just what we wanted. It was a great night and you did an amazing job.
  • N – Embellished Bride package
  • Wow what a night. People were lining up to take photos with me! What an overwhelming experience. I looked fantastic. Thanks again!!
  • L – Extreme Transformation package
  • Susanne,
    Thank you so much for yesterday! You were absolutely wonderful!!! I look forward to a future birthday (or something) when we can book you again!!!
  • T – Children’s Face Painting package
  • Thanks for all your time, emails and of course the body painting. It was really fun working with you. We got the pictures and they turned out really well. We are very happy!
  • D & E – Extreme Transformation and Photo Shoot package
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