Mar 20

Winning and Grinning!

Face Painting Awards

I just wanted to share some amazing news with you guys. I just won three categories in the Australian Body Art Awards (ABAA) State Face Off Championships!

This is a competition run every year by the ABAA, and I had been too busy, unprepared, and nervous to submit an entry in previous years. This year, with the encouragement of my face painting family here in Melbourne, I made it a priority to take the time to create an entry. Little did I know that I would win the Most Popular award for Victoria as voted by my peers, but the panel of international judges also awarded me the State Winner for Victoria, AND the National Winner for 2016! Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 27

Why cheap does not equal good value

no to cheap face painter melbournePicture this. You’ve hired an electrician to rewire your house. He’s doing it for cheap because he’s a friend of a friend. After a couple of last-minute cancellations, he finally turns up (late) to your house. It’s only now that you discover that he doesn’t know how to complete the tasks involved, and has to keep googling instructions. He’s never picked up the required tools before, doesn’t have the right equipment on hand, and keeps asking you if you have any of the tools he needs to complete the job. He’s not insured, and you suspect he’s not even qualified. But he’s having a go at it anyway!

Would you be happy? I know I wouldn’t. No matter how low the price, I’d be pretty nervous letting an amateur near something so important to me.

So why do we feel differently about face painters and body artists? Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 26

Great news: I have a shop!

designer leggings apparel accessories
Cover your butt in awesome body painted apparel that goes on in a jiffy, keeps you warm, and stays with you forever!

Finally, after lots of research and planning, I’m turning some of my most popular body painting concepts into wearable art! My RedBubble store is now open, and you can buy leggings, pencil skirts and accessories with original bright bold body painting designs printed onto them in living colour. Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 26

From BEGINNER to WINNER: How to become a professional face painter from scratch.

How to become a professional face painter

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

– Dr. Carl Sagan, Cosmos (1980)

I get a lot of emails from eager beginners asking me how they can get started earning money from face painting straight away. Before they’ve even picked up a brush. If you’re starting out as a face painter or body painter, my advice is always this: Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 19

How to Choose a Face Painter

How to Choose a Face Painter in Melbourne

The popularity of face painting has increased dramatically in the last ten years or so, and with a huge amount of face painting products now available to anyone who wants to give it a go there are a lot of face painters out there jostling for space in the market. Some have been face painting professionally for a long time and have lots of experience at a variety of different events, and others are newbies looking to gain experience. So how do you tell them apart, and choose which one is right for your child’s party or event?
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Aug 21

"I Don't Wanna!": Overcoming face painting fear

face painting little children melbourne

Tonight I have the pleasure of teaching another fun class at Laneway Learning Melbourne. This time it’s all about face painting, exploring some basic techniques with a group of lovely beginners. I’m pumped for an action-packed practical class, but with only a little over an hour to play with there won’t be much time to go over how to handle some of the tricky situations that can arise when you’re working with lots of children.

There’s one situation in particular that EVERY aspiring face painter, and EVERY parent with a young child should think about long and hard. The issue: How to handle a child who just doesn’t want to be face painted.
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Apr 11

Getting Started in Body Art

Image Copyright Dina Studio 2012

I receive lots of emails asking how you can get started as a body painter, or body painting model. This post has all my tips and advice for anyone starting out on their body painting odyssey in one handy spot. Feel free to bookmark it or pin it so you can refer to it later.
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Mar 21

Hens Party Games (that don’t make you want to die)

hens party games that don't make you want to die

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at a hens’ night and someone says “let’s play a game!” my heart freezes with fear. What will it be this time? Pin the “hose” on the fireman? Something involving blindfolds and a cucumber? Daring the bride-to-be to fellate a bottle of West Coast Cooler? Ah. Great. Excuse me while I lock myself in a toilet cubicle for the next three hours.

Some brides revel in the chance to get down and (very) dirty with the girls. If the bride-to-be has had visions of pecker straws and edible undies dancing through her head for months leading up to the hens’ party, then your plan of attack is fairly straightforward. But if your BFF doesn’t strike you as the sort of person who wants to perform public sexual acts with root vegetables, don’t feel obliged to go down that path just because it’s a hens’ night. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 26

Hens 101: How to plan an awesome hens party

Hens 101
So you’ve been asked to organise a hens party. DON’T PANIC! Here’s a brown paper bag – breathe into it a few times. Feeling better? Yes? Good.

The good news is, there are heaps of options out there to make it easier for you to plan the big girls night or day and it can be loads of fun to organise, let alone attend! Here are a few pointers to help you organise the big event and keep a smile on your face at the end of it all.
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Sep 06

Juicy’s Guide to Guilt-Free Events

Have you ever thought about how your event affects the world?

We take part in dozens, if not hundreds of events in our lifetime. Multiply that by over 22 million people in Australia alone, and you’ve got yourself a massive collective responsibility. Imagine the landfill created by all the styrofoam cups, plastic plates, and gift wrapping we fill the wiz bin with after a birthday party… multiply it by 22 million… and that’s in just one year in this country!
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