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Jan 27

The Trouble With Numbers

Nobody likes to queue. It feels like wasted time, you’re on your feet for ages, and you know there are other things you could be doing. Add a bored, tired child into the mix and you can see why parents are often grumpy after even a short wait. The queue is also the bane of more »

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Jul 27

New Videos: How to “dome” your One-Strokes

Great news artists – I have more tutorial videos on my YouTube Channel for you! Every time a fellow face painter sees my kit, they ask me “Why are your one-stroke cakes all weird and curvy?” Here’s why, and how you can do it too to load your brush better, and get right to the more »

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Jun 26

New videos: How to do Glitter Tattoos

I added glitter tattoos to my list of services a little over a year ago, and I’m so glad I did. They’re a fun, longer lasting, waterproof alternative to face painting, they appeal to all ages, and they make a great value add-on for smaller parties. All that aside, they sparkle really hard, too!

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Apr 11

The need for speed – Part 2: Faster Face Painting Tips

Recently I wrote this blog post about the balance between quality and quantity as a face painter. This post follows on from there, and is aimed at face painters out there who are struggling to maintain that balance. If you’re a face painter wanting to increase your speed, the great news is you can indeed more »

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Apr 05

The need for speed – Part 1: Quality versus Quantity

Like it or loathe it, we live in a fast-food, fast-lane, disposable society. Increasingly it’s all about HOW MUCH can I get, and how can I get it FAST. This goes for everything you consume, from your coffee, to your food, right through to your entertainment. So it’s not surprising that more than ever, clients more »

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Mar 20

Winning and Grinning!

I just wanted to share some amazing news with you guys. I just won three categories in the Australian Body Art Awards (ABAA) State Face Off Championships! This is a competition run every year by the ABAA, and I had been too busy, unprepared, and nervous to submit an entry in previous years. This year, more »

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