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Body Painting Workshop

Full day class – 6hrs including lunch break PLUS online pre-workshop course

NOTE: This workshop is for those who have already got some face painting or makeup artistry experience under their belts, and are looking to advance their body painting skills. If you have little or no experience in face and body painting, it is recommended that you start by attending a face painting workshop to gain some knowledge, foundation skills, and experience with the products and tools. It’s better to start small in the beginning, and work your way up to body painting when you’re more confident with your foundation skills.

This workshop will prepare you for every part of the body painting process, so that you can confidently enter body art competitions, or consider adding some body painting to your offering of professional services.

Workshop outcomes:
  • Understand the overall body painting process
  • Learn about different body painting jobs and their requirements
  • Know what to expect at a body painting competition
  • Learn how to body paint in a safe and healthy manner
  • Selecting and working with models
  • Gain product knowledge and learn what to include in your own kit
  • Learn the basics of designing a body paint
  • Design your own body paint
  • Get a feel for the products and equipment by creating your own partial body paint on a partner, model or mannequin
  • Observe the process as Suedy demonstrates the body painting process on a model
  • Detailed notes provided

Did you know that I offer the theory component of this course online? If you’d like to do the theory component only, you’ll find it here in my online school. Access to the the online course is included if you book in for this face-to-face private workshop.

Contact Suedy today to ask about this custom workshop. Due to the intensive nature of this workshop, it is currently only available as a custom workshop for small groups. By appointment only. No public classes.

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