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Intro to Ultra Violet Face and Body Painting


Evening class only – 3.5hrs

Does UV painting break your brain? Then join Suedy under the black lights for this hands-on class, as she shows you how easy UV painting really is. You will fall in love with its simplicity, and your clients will be blown away by your gorgeous luminous designs!

UV painting will broaden your client base due to its popularity among tweens, teens, adults and night clubs. Learn what you need to take on UV bookings, and use techniques you already know in a totally new way to make your fluoro faces shine with colour and depth. And while we’re at it, try on some Chromadepth 3D glasses and see your work in a new dimension!

Don’t wait until you have a UV job looming, then panic because you don’t know where to begin! Take this class now, so you can manage your clients expectations with ease, and have some solid techniques to tackle your fluoro bookings with absolute confidence.

Workshop covers:
  • Product knowledge
  • Kit & equipment setup
  • How does UV work?
  • UV do’s & don’ts – common mistakes in UV and how to get around them
  • UV techniques – from easy to challenging
  • Hands-on exploration of skills through several simple effective designs, from fast to fancy

“Suedy’s UV class was my very first face paint class and Suedy made me feel very comfortable. She was clear and precise with her teaching and I gained a great deal from her lesson. I now have a thorough understanding of how to best use UV body paint to create a ‘wow’ factor for my clients. I would highly recommend other face painters who want to learn UV to take Suedy’s class. Thanks, Suedy.”
– Clare

” I had SOO much fun in your class! Been wanting to do it for ages – you are a wonderful teacher & I had the best time – THANK YOU!”


Contact Suedy today to express your interest in this workshop. This workshop is having a rest for a while and will have no further public iterations scheduled in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, but is still available as a custom private workshop for individuals and small groups. By appointment only. Suedy is also open to receiving expressions of interest from interstate and international hosts.

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