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Body Painting Parties and Event Entertainment


Add a splash of colour to your event with amazing body painting! We have a range of entertainment packages that can be adjusted to suit any audience and theme.

We’ve been hired for all sorts of events including corporate parties, hens nights, promotions, birthday parties, Christmas parties, night clubs, and more! Whatever the event, we have a package that will suit your needs.

Package prices are customised to your needs and available upon request, so if you’d like an obligation-free quote please drop us a line. With so much flexibility in our services, we’re sure we can find a way to make your budget work for you.

Click on our package titles to drop down more info.


Body Painting Parties
The only parties in the world where you don't just draw the model - you body paint the model! Our Body Painting Parties are fun, classy, and just a little bit cheeky. Forget life drawing - take your arty party to the next level!

Perfect for hens or just a night with the girls, this is a hands-on fun art class where you and your best buddies get to body paint a gorgeous male model. Interactive to the max, it’s the perfect way to break the ice and kickstart your hens night out, or girls’ night in.

We start the workshop with a hands-on tutorial to help you get confident with the paints. Then we get the crowd revved up with some painting games before you create your group artwork on our gorgeous shirtless male model. When you’re done, it’s time for a group photo around your creation.

Due to the workshop element, this package works best for smaller groups of 10-20 guests. For larger groups or for smaller budgets we recommend the more adaptable Live Body Painting package below.


Duration: Guests:
1.5-2 hours 2-20 people (best for groups of 10-16)

We provide:
  • One Juicy Body Artist as your host
  • Body paints, brushes, sponges and practice equipment
  • Use of our adorable aprons to protect your guests’ lovely outfits
  • One gorgeous shirtless male model (more for parties with 12+ guests)
  • Our travel is included for parties in inner Melbourne
You provide:
  • A suitable private venue with sufficient space
  • Tables and chairs for guests
Why it’s awesome:
  • It’s hands-on crazy fun that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!
  • We can do this almost anywhere, as long as there’s furniture and space.
  • We come to you! It’s all about convenience.
  • See our Juicy Extras to build the perfect party just for you.


Live Body Painting
Watch as we create a gorgeous work of art on a model before your eyes! Suitable for any occasion, this is fascinating passive entertainment for larger groups.

Our Juicy Body Artist and model come to you, and over the course of the party the model is transformed right before your eyes! We can paint the model to suit your theme or colour scheme, or just let our imaginations run wild.

And as a special surprise for private parties, the guest of honour gets to have a go at body painting our model too!


Duration: Guests:
2 hour minimum No minimum – no maximum

We provide:
  • One skilled and fully-equipped Juicy Body Artist
  • One model (dressed appropriately for your audience)
  • Our travel is included for events in inner Melbourne
You provide:
  • A suitable private venue with sufficient space and lighting for display
Why it’s awesome:
  • You get the most stunning and unique living centrepiece for your party or event.
  • High impact passive entertainment – you do nothing but sit back, relax with your guests, and watch the magic happen.
  • Our most adaptable package – we only take up a small amount of space, so we can do this almost anywhere.
  • Our most affordable package – with no limit on the number of guests the cost is spread out thinly per head. Perfect for party planners on a budget!
  • Customisable with our Juicy Extras.


Roving Body Painted Creations
Imagine a host of fascinating creatures roving amongst your guests! It's interactive, a perfect photo opportunity, and a great way to create a buzz.

In this package we create our creatures and characters to suit your theme or brand behind the scenes. Then when the party starts, we unleash them to rove and play amongst your guests. We can include costuming and cover-ups to suit any audience. What’s your concept? Get as creative as you like – we’ll make your ideas a reality!


Duration: Guests:
Varies based on concept No minimum – no maximum

We provide:
  • Our highly skilled and fully-equipped team of Juicy Body Artists
  • A team of talented models or skilled performers (costumed appropriately for your audience)
  • Our travel is included for events in inner Melbourne
You provide:
  • A suitable private backstage area with sufficient space, ventilation and lighting for preparation.
Why it’s awesome:
  • Entertainment you can’t help interacting with! Our creations are visually stunning, and fun to play with.
  • All models included in this package are veteran performers and know how to work a crowd.
  • We can also source specialist performers with unique skills for extra wow-factor.
  • Perfect for promotions, our creations will be the most highly photographed feature of your event!
  • We customise every detail to suit your theme and purpose, and provide a detailed customised proposal.


Embellish Your Guests
For guests that like to stand out from the crowd. Turn heads with a gorgeous custom face or body design for each guest.

Not your usual face painting. Just glamorous face and body art on gorgeous guests!Our Juicy Body Artist comes to you and paints away quietly, while you and your guests enjoy the party. Your guests will be transformed as the night wears on, then you can set off into the great wide world knowing that you look amazing!


You choose from:

  • Gorgeous face and body art; OR
  • UV fluoro face and body art that glows under black lights; OR
  • NEW: Glam glitter tattoos and temporary black ink tattoos! (Waterproof and long-wearing, these temporary tattoos last for 2-7 days with proper care. UV fluoro options and customised tattoos available on request)

Please note: The size and detail of the designs depends on the number of guests in the allocated time. We suggest no more than 20 guests over a 2 hour period for our Artist to complete a small but lovely statement piece for each guest. We have a 2 hour minimum call, and can add more hours or more artists to suit your needs – just ask us!

We provide:
  • One skilled and fully-equipped Juicy Body Artist
  • Our travel is included for events and parties in inner Melbourne.
You provide:
  • The guests!
Why it’s awesome:
  • Great for themed parties, it’s a great low-effort way for guests to join in the theme.
  • We create awesome individual designs for each guest, and are skilled enough to take any reasonable request!
  • Less paint and no models = big savings for you. Perfect for events and parties on a smaller budget.
  • It’s a novel talking point and great ice breaker for guests. It’s also fun to watch!
  • We can tweak this package if you have more guests. Just ask!
  • Customisable with our Juicy Extras.


Juicy Extras
Want to add more zing to your event? Ask us about customising your party package with one or more extras.

More models or shirtless waiters

We can arrange for your model to stick around and play for longer, or bring in more shirtless waiters for double the fun!

Lots of guests? We have more artists!

We have a long list of awesomely skilled artists to embellish more guests at a faster pace. For parties with 40 guests or more, this option is always recommended.

Photography packages

Be pampered in a chic photography studio, or we can bring a mobile photographer to your venue to capture every sensational moment.

Interested in any extras? Just ask us and we can make arrangements for you.


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