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Extreme Face & Body Painting Transformations

Body Painting Melbourne
Get ready to become the centre of attention through the magic of extreme makeup artistry and body painting! Our Extreme Transformation packages are for individuals who want to undergo a complete metamorphosis. Costumes are one thing, but being body painted is a truly incredible experience you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Let Suedy transform you into your wildest fantasy, most outrageous alter-ego, or your darkest nightmare. Our specialist makeup artists use professional water-based cosmetics, with the option of including water-resistant airbrush makeup, prosthetic appliances, special FX makeup, lashes and contact lenses to turn you into something truly spectacular.

Perfect for:

  • Costume parties, masquerade balls, Halloween and fancy dress events. Take out first prize in the costume contest!
  • Wow-factor for performing artists such as dancers and circus performers on stage or in competitions
  • Cosplayers attending a convention such as Comic Con or PAX Australia who want to perfect their costume with professional makeup to match
  • Zombies who take their Zombie Shuffle or Thrill the World seriously!
  • Sports fans wanting to ensure that you make it onto the telly at the grand final!
  • Expecting mums who’d like to commemorate their baby bump with a piece of art.
  • A gift for yourself or someone you love to celebrate their body. Couple this with an amazing photography package for a gift that lasts long after the paint has washed away.
How long does it take?

For face only, anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours depending on the level of detail and complexity, and whether any special FX need to be applied.

For body painting, anywhere from 3 to 10 hours of painting time depending on the level of coverage and detail required. As a guide, in 3-4 hours one specialist makeup artist can cover a full body with minimal detail, or one side of a torso with substantial detail. A full body with substantial detail can take anywhere from 6-8 contact hours on average.

The great thing about body painting is that it’s adaptable to suit your budget and your comfort level when it comes to how much you dare to bare! View our gallery to see a variety of examples of our work and get some ideas flowing!

We provide:
  • One skilled and fully-equipped Juicy Body Artist (more available on request for groups or highly detailed jobs)
  • Only the best professional safety-tested cosmetics that stay all night then wash away in the shower
  • A one-off concept consultation and model briefing to ensure that you are prepared, know what to expect, and we get the most out of your session
  • All design research, preparation, equipment sanitisation, set up and pack up either side of your booking, and travel to you is included in the quoted price for bookings of 3hrs or more (when available)
  • For creative makeup bookings in our home studio, enjoy our massage chair as we make you look amazing!
You provide:
  • A suitable private venue where you can get comfortable and enjoy the experience (for out-calls).
  • Patience! Being body painted requires a lot of stillness and meditation. The hard work is all worth it!
  • Your own costuming where necessary, and suitable underwear.
Why it’s awesome:
  • You will be treated like a celebrity for the night! Get ready for the paparazzi!
  • We can adapt the package to suit your level of confidence, your budget, and your imagination.
  • Coupled with photography, it’s an everlasting keepsake that you will look back on in years to come (and a great tool to blackmail your grandchildren!)
  • Customisable with our Juicy Extras.


Prices below are a guide for face and body makeup only – any FX, attachments, or “stick-on” appliances are detailed in the Extras section below. If you’re a private client with a specific concept in mind prices may vary, so talk to Suedy so she can provide an individual quote for you.

These package prices are for our private clients only. Corporate bookings require significantly more time, planning and preparation, and so incur different costs. Please contact us for a detailed quote if you require our corporate rates.

Extreme Makeup and Body Painting Packages

Custom Face

Creative character makeup – face and simple neck (to collar) if required – 1.5hrs – from $250

Custom Face + Arms

Detailed face, plus simple neck & arms – 2hrs – from $300

Custom Quarter Body

Detailed face plus simple upper body from upper chest and above (e.g. scoop necklines), front & back, including arms – 2.5hrs – from $350

Express Half Body

Simple face, plus simple body from waist up, front & back – 3hrs – from $400

Combo Half Body

Detailed face, plus simple body from waist up, front & back – 3.5hrs – from $450

Detailed Half Body

Detailed face and detailed design on front torso, simple body coverage from waist up – 4hrs – from $500

Express Full Body

Simple face and body, all over including legs – 4hrs – from $500

Detailed Full Body

Detailed custom design all over including legs – 6hrs plus – from $700

Basic Baby Bump

Simple belly paint – intuitive freestyle paint (improvised – no pre-agreed design concept) – 1.5hrs – from $250

Custom Baby Bump

Custom baby bump design, that can encompass your chest, shoulders, arms, full body, or even your partner and kids too! The sky’s the limit! 2hrs plus – from $300.

Please note:

All bookings are subject to a 1.5 hour minimum duration. Most makeup appointments take place in my South Yarra home studio. Out-calls for bookings of 3+ hours may be available depending on availability and incur extra travel costs.

Juicy Extras

Want to push your transformation as far as you can go? Ask us about customising your package with one or more extras.

Extreme Extras

Body painting not crazy enough for you? We can supply a range of extra add-ons to take your transformation to the next level.

  • Design sketches if you have a very specific concept in mind. Our prices above are improvised body paints based on our consultation, but if you want a design rough so you can see what your body paint will look like ahead of time, we can do that too. Prices from $150 per sketch or redesign.
  • Stick-on appliances such as fake horns, weird growths, witch noses, elf ear tips, vampire fangs, Avatar Na’vi noses and brows, nipple covers, crotch covers, decorative breast covers, decorative flowers and flourishes – the list is endless. We can source, paint, and apply these for you, and provide a removal kit to safely remove them at the end of the night. Appliances are often reusable (with proper care) and yours to keep. Prices from $20.
  • Crazy contact lenses really take away that last glint of “you” behind your eyes. They’re the perfect polished touch to zombies, witches, Na’vi, demons, succubi, faerie folk… you name it! We can source these for you, teach you how to insert and remove them safely and hygienically, and provide you with a care pack. Lenses are reusable and yours to keep. Prices from $50.
  • False eyelashes really add a glamorous touch to your transformation. We have a range of lashes from pretty dolly eyes to crazy sparkly foil lashes to gorgeous intricate die-cut paper lashes. Lashes are reusable (with proper care) and yours to keep. Lashes & application from $15.
  • Special FX makeup is great for gore and more! Need realistic scars, wounds, bruises and blood? Want to be transformed into an older version of yourself? We can source and apply the makeup for you to keep you looking gross all night. $POA
  • Glow with UV fluorescent paints! Are you attending an event where there will be UV black lights? Literally light up the dance floor by requesting UV body paint! We can even create UV 3D effects for use with special 3D glasses – just ask us about the possibilities. $POA
Didn’t spot what you’re after? Contact us today with your concept for a quote.

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