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Jun 10

So you want to be a model?

I’ve been in the face and body painting industry for over 13 years. In that time, I have met (and painted) a lot of fabulous people from all walks of life. Some have been modelling for body painters forever, while others are eager first-timers. Because of this big range of experience levels, I’ve also seen more »

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Aug 21

"I Don't Wanna!": Overcoming face painting fear

Tonight I have the pleasure of teaching another fun class at Laneway Learning Melbourne. This time it’s all about face painting, exploring some basic techniques with a group of lovely beginners. I’m pumped for an action-packed practical class, but with only a little over an hour to play with there won’t be much time to more »

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Apr 11

Getting Started in Body Art

I receive lots of emails asking how you can get started as a body painter, or body painting model. This post has all my tips and advice for anyone starting out on their body painting odyssey in one handy spot. Feel free to bookmark it or pin it so you can refer to it later.

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